At the far end of Långa bryggan - the Long Dock, 500 meters - in Bjärred is a cold bath house. The beach is immensely popular . The intention is to make it even more accessible and less affected by erosion.  Whether the methods applied reduce the negative effects of erosion will be monitored by researchers from Lund University.

Löddesnäs, north part of Bjärred

Wetlands have many benefits. The water flow is to be purified and reduced before reaching the sea. At the same time biodiversity is promoted, and a recreational area is created. Wetlands attract bird species that thrive in not so overgrown ponds . Coastal wetlands filter the water and ensure that it remains nutritious. Wetlands reduce the flow rate of stormwater before reaching the sea and might minimize the negative effects of erosion.

Löddesnäs is a housing area.