Multifunctional Coastal Wetlands and

Ecosystem Based River Erosion Protection

Regarding the wetland in a residential area, stakeholders with professional activities directly affected by the technical solution are involved. The technical solution comprises placement, depth, calculation of how much water the wetland will be able to handle, handling existing pipes to be opened, management of loads, planting and restoration. 

The purpose of the measure is to promote retention and purification of stormwater, with the aim of counteracting eutrophication and erosion on the coast of the sound Öresund. The wetland is designed so that it provides as much environmental benefit as possible for biodiversity and recreational values.

The location had to be changed, from the one first pointed out in the south of the municipality to a more suitable one in the north of it. Investigations of the first location showed that, although strategic in terms of catchment area, water volumes and need for measures, the area was too small and the pipe elevations too low for a proper wetland design. 

A more suitable location, that still meets the intended purpose of the measure, is in the north of Bjärred. A wetland area of approximately 5 000 m2 was finished in the fall of 2022. 

The area of Lomma and Bjärred has an opinionated population, why the unusual support for what the municipal authorities are doing thanks to LIFE Coast Adapt, is interesting and encouraging.  

The measure of ecosystem based river erosion protection to be carried out in Ystad along Nybroån, is changed. For the legal procedure, a prestudy, which was not planned, was requested to answer questions like why there is erosion at a specific site, how does the water in the stream/river act all year, assessment of the dynamic processes, future development of the river. This prestudy enriched the understanding of the area. It showed that erosion is not a considerable problem here, thus, the measure of rootward revetment not relevant. Another measure that still fulfills the purpose of LIFE Coast Adapt is taking place. Stakeholder organizations, such as fisheries conservation area associations, are strong and important to the municipalicity.

Ystad has received a dispensation from the shore land protection and management, so far valid despite the change. It counted a list of terms and conditions in, eg that measures must be carried out in low water during summer (15 June - 30 September). However, that might affect organisms living in the stream/river, why the time for implementation is of importance, and subsequently affects the time span of the measure, too.

The technical manager of Helsingborg is of useful assistance in this case, having experience from another river in Skåne, Råån.

The rootward revetment method, which was meant to be tested but won't be, is a natural protection consisting of blocks, piled tree trunks, tree trunks with root parts and planting of trees. It is known to have positive effects on the ecosystem, helping to create playgrounds for fish, eg. In Svenljunga municipality in the Region of Halland, located northwest of Skåne, the erosion protection in Ätran still works after 10 years, hardly noticeable since it is completely overgrown.