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From the left, first  picture: June 17, 2021, LIFE Coast Adapt making it on the front page and on the mid spread of Dagens Nyheter, the biggest morning paper in Sweden, as such on the desks of the national decision makers every morning. Second picture: November 2022, the biggest morning paper in Skåne writes about the wetland construction in Lomma, comparing it to the shape of a tadpole; third picture: Jan 31, 2022, the other big morning paper in Skåne, Helsingborgs Dagblad, writes an informative article on the project's efforts to save the beach in Fortuna, Helsingborg .


HD, November 14 - Helsingborgs Dagblad covers the Final Conference study visit on November 8, depicting in text and pictures how nature-based solutions often show to be the most ecologically and economically sustainably alternative. Pdf below.

HD, October 24 - Helsingborgs Dagblad writes about docks at Fortuna which will be removed. Investigations about what is possible and legal, eg regarding ownership, are done. Pdf below.

HD, February 17 - about the possible superpowers of eelgrass. Pdf below. 

HD, January 27 - the first clipping this year follows up on the hurricane storm Malik, which happened one year ago on January 29. It is from Helsingborgs Dagblad, the daily paper covering the northwest part of Skåne and cooperating with other big papers. Pdf below.


Sveriges Radio P4 Malmöhus, December 7 - on the creation of a 5 000 square meter wetland in Lomma municipality. This is the public local radion station, known by surveys to reach more people than any other media.

Sydsvenska Dagbladet, November 23 - the action of constructing a  wetland, which happens to have the shape of a tadpole, is being highlighted:  "The wetland will delay water flows during heavy rains and reduce the risk of flooding and erosion in the area and along the beach. Moreover, nutrients in the water from adjacent farming fields are captured by the vegetation on the site, which reduces the eutrophication of the sea." Pdf below.

The Swedish National Expert Council for Climate Adaptation, appointed by the Swedish government in 2018 to publish a report on the subject every fifth year, released its first report on February 9, 2022. LIFE Coast is proud to be mentioned six (6!) times in the report.  The report received very much attention in Swedish media, eg:

Download the report (in Swedish):
Rapport från Nationella expertrådet för klimatanpassning 2022.pdf ( 

Read about the council in English: 

Helsingborgs Dagblad, January 31 - a prompt reporting on the effects of the hurricane storm called Malik on January 29. Despite the somewhat misguiding headline, the article substantially describes the effects of the storm and the fact that the measures taken by the project are needed. Pdf below.

Sveriges Radio P4 (Swedish Radio, regional channel), January 31 - about LIFE Coast Adapt as a project, its purpose and goals, financing and cooperation:   

Helsingborgs Dagblad, January 8 - on the action at Fortuna, Helsingborg. Pdf below.


EPA (Environmental Protection Agency, Sweden) report 7016 on Nature based solutions (in Swedish): - LIFE Coast Adapt is mentioned as an interesting and good example 10 times.

Miljö & Utveckling, on Lomma and its award as the best municipality in Sweden on climate adaptation - download pdf "MILJ..." below

Amos, on eelgrass, August, download pdf "Amos..." below

Dagens Nyheter, on eelgrass in Båstad, June 17 - download pdf "Dagens..." below
DN, in short, is one of the biggest daily, national papers in Sweden.

Helsingborgs Dagblad, on Fortuna, April 16 - download pdf "HD..." below
HD, in short, is one of the biggest daily, regional papers in Sweden.

Swedish Television: 


Ystad Allehanda, april 2020, download pdf "YA" below June 2020