Securing the river stability, and making sure that biodiversity benefits for fish and other aquatic animals to thrive will be in focus here. Investigations made within the project show that the originally intended erosion protection measures are not necessary.

Nybroån has its outlet farthest to the east in Sandskogen.


The Sand forest is a nature reserve just east of Ystad. It is dominated by pine trees that were planted in the 19th century to keep the sand in the area. 

Here, the negative effects of erosion are more noticeable below the surface than up on the beach. The beach needs to respond in a better way to the coastal process - winds, waves, and currents. Beach nourishment is carried out, plant species that do not belong here are removed and natural beach grass replanted with the intention to tie the sand on the beach. 

Löderups strandbad

Löderup is a community of about 700 inhabitants. It is a popular summer resort when the population at least doubles. The internationally renowned author Henning Mankell included Löderup in his novels, making it the home of crime investigation officer Kurt Wallander's father.

The beach in Löderup is one of the most erosion-affected beaches in Sweden. As protection against erosion, large stones were previously placed some distance out in the water.


About one kilometer west of Ystad, you find Lilleskog, a tranquil place with an 800 meter long sandy beach. The conditions for strengthening the eelgrass meadows by setting new plants in the sea are investigated here.

This picture is taken by Jonas Ising.